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Naked American entered the house in California and killed parrots

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While the owner of the house called the police, the perpetrator tried on his clothes and swam in the pool. Then he killed the pets.

A naked man entered someone else’s house through a garage in the Bel Air area of ​​the American city of Los Angeles and trampled two pet parrots.

Victim Mat Sabz said his wife saw someone break into the house through a surveillance camera. Then Sabz tried to expel the criminal on his own, but the latter began to resist: he claimed that he had come to his own house.

Then the owner left the premises and called the police. It is alleged that at about the same time, the perpetrator was trying on the clothes of the owner of the house and was swimming in the pool. 

On the video, the man approaches the stairs, and Sabz then closes himself inside an upstairs room.

Sabz then jumped off the balcony of the master bedroom and called the police. 

Police later identified the intruder as 34-year-old Paul Kiyan.

The intruder also killed two of the family’s pet birds with his bare hands, Sabz said.

A representative from the home security company later arrived and detained the intruder before handing him over to police to be arrested, Sabz said. 

Kiyan is expected to be in court on Monday to face a number of felony charges.

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