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Japanese experts find a New SARS-CoV-2 strain

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The new strain was found in four people who flew in from Brazil. It differs from the “British” and “South African” versions.

In Japan, a new mutation of the coronavirus has been identified, different from those that are spreading in the UK or South Africa. The strain was discovered on January 6 by specialists from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases of Japan, in four people who flew from Brazil. 

As pointed out by the institute, the new mutation is partially similar to mutations found in the UK and South Africa in terms of higher contagiousness (properties of infection to be transmitted from a sick organism to a healthy one). 

The new strain revealed the N501Y mutation in the key contact region of the spike protein, present in both the “British” and “South African” strains, as well as the E484K mutation in the spike protein, present only in the “South African” strain. 

At the same time, the new mutation does not include so-called amino acid fallout in a number of positions.

In a press release, the institute emphasizes that data on the new mutation are limited to information on the nucleotide sequence of genes, so it is currently difficult to assess the level of pathogenicity, contagiousness, and the effectiveness of test methods or vaccines. 

According to Japanese media, one of the infected was hospitalized due to breathing problems, the infected woman has sore throat and headaches, and the child has a fever. 

The disease of the fourth patient is still asymptomatic. 

Recall, in mid-December, a new mutation of SARS-CoV-2 was discovered in the UK. The new version of the coronavirus is spreading faster and requires more caution.

Another mutation of coronavirus 501.V2 was detected in South Africa in October. It is currently the dominant form of the virus in South Africa.

Another mutation of the coronavirus 501.V2 was identified in South Africa in October. It is currently the dominant form of the virus in South Africa. 

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