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Dress like a witch for Halloween: recycling ideas

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The feast of Halloween is getting closer: on 31 October, in fact, we will celebrate the night of witches and ghosts, a way to exorcise the fear and have fun in the company of loved ones. A celebration of Anglo-Saxon origin, however in recent years it has become increasingly popular even on the boot: children have been conquered by the classic ” trick or treat “, while adults do not disdain the possibility of showing themselves in masks. But how is it possible to make a witch dress, through recycling ideas that are environmentally friendly?

There are many possibilities for those who want to celebrate a zero-impact Halloween by recycling many of the materials in the house. Just throw yourself into a bit of DIY and, above all, let your imagination run wild. Below, some advice.

Witch’s dress

To make a beautiful witch dress for Halloween celebrations, there is nothing easier than recovering those clothes that have remained in the closet for years, perhaps forgotten and never reused. The imperative is to choose dark colors – like gray and black – both on opaque and more brilliant fabrics.

For the lower part of the dress it is sufficient to choose a long skirt, possibly black, smooth and without too many decorations. For those who are practical with cutting and sewing, the fabric can be embellished with silver trimmings, so as to give a more ghostly effect. Still, you can get out of the lace of the cobwebs or, even easier, cut out scary shapes – black cats, spiders or ghosts – from scraps of fabric or felt and apply them directly to the dress with two stitches or glue hot.

Even the upper part of the dress is easy, for example by retrieving an old black or gray sweater – to be considered especially if you are celebrating Halloween outdoors, given the temperatures – or a shirt that is always black, always to decorate like the skirt. For those looking for a look that is not too private on shapes, you can also opt for a corset, to wear over the shirt, or for a lace blouse.

For those looking for a dress made from scratch, recovering old fabric and devoting themselves to the sewing machine, essentially you will have to make a tunic, better if with a very long skirt and asymmetric cut, so with wide arms close to the wrists and pointed sleeves.

Hat and hair

The hat is certainly the distinctive element for the typical Halloween witch and, even in this case, making it at home is quite simple. You can take an old hat as a base, then build a whole scaffolding for this character’s typical pointed hat. This will keep the garment firmly on your head without problems during the celebrations.

The conical support structure can be made with cardboard or, for those who have a lot of time to work on, with paper Mache. The cone, bent at the ends, can be connected to the typical witch’s circular visor, always made with cardboard. The obtained structure is then placed on the already existing hat and fixed with stapling points or hot glue. When everything is dry and stable, it can be covered with black fabric – better if translucent, such as nylon or an old appropriately recycled tent – and is always decorated with silver trimmings, fabric and felt.

For typical witch hair, long and gray, you can simply use a dye spray – which will be removed at the first shampoo – or a wig. Still, you can make braids or tufts in white or gray knit wool, to be applied directly to the hat: just make a chignon to hide the real hair.

Broom, accessories and makeup

Of course, a self-respecting witch cannot help but have the classic broom available: just reuse an old broomstick. If desired, the tool can be painted black – with silver spray – with non-toxic spray paint. On the broom itself it is possible to add figures taken from the cardboard – like the inevitable black cat – and packing filaments to postpone the idea of ​​a spider web. You can then add accessories, like a bag made from black fabric to use as a bag to store smartphones, wallets and the like.

The trick, finally, must be ghostly, pale with paint as much as possible, playing with the contouring in the area of the nose to make it appear bigger and aquiline. You can then draw large moles with a black eye pencil, while brown is ideal for creating wrinkles and furrows on the face.

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