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Top 3 software to download YouTube videos for free in 4k and HD

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Amit Kumar
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Millions of videos can be streamed online on YouTube. Although it would often be useful to be able to store videos locally, this is not possible in a direct way.

We want to make it a bit easier for you by bundling down together top 3 software freely available to download YouTube Videos in 4k and HD quality.


The free open-source tool YoutubeDownloader version 1.6 sets in exactly this place and allows the quick download of videos on the home PC. The YoutubeDownloader does not require any installation and is therefore ready to use after unzipping the downloaded archive.

To download a video with the YoutubeDownloader, simply enter its URL into the input field in the program interface by copy and paste and confirm your entry. You will then see a thumbnail of the detected video and its title, runtime, and upload date. Afterwards you determine here the desired output format, whereby different resolutions and file extensions are to the choice. After clicking on the download button you finally enter the output directory.

The YoutubeDownloader also supports the download of videos as audio files, which can be useful for music videos, for example. Furthermore, the tool can also handle playlists, allowing you to download multiple videos in one go. The settings also allow you to specify the maximum number of simultaneous transmissions.

Using a built-in search, you can use the YoutubeDownloader to search directly for videos for a specific term.


4K Video Downloader

With the 4K Video Downloader version 4.9, available for free download, you can download videos from YouTube and some other portals in different quality levels. The conversion to audio files is also supported. However, the free use is limited.

The 4K Video Downloader brings after the insertion of an appropriate URL videos with resolutions of 240p to 4.320p (8K) on the hard disk and stores them in the formats MP4, MKV, FLV or 3GP or as MP3, M4A or OGG. If desired, M3U playlists can also be created. Thanks to an activatable, “intelligent mode” selected settings for all downloads can be easily adopted. This will save you time in downloading multiple videos.

It also makes it easy to download complete playlists as well as channels and subtitles from YouTube. In addition, the 4K Video Downloader gets along with 3D videos and provides them with a special icon. Embedded YouTube videos from any web page are also detected. In addition to YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook and DailyMotion are also supported.

To download YouTube channels, playlists with subtitles, and more than 25 clips, you will need to purchase a license key for around $ 10.


YouTube Downloader HD

With the free YouTube Downloader HD in the current version (Portable), you can easily download any videos from YouTube so that they are also available locally as files on the PC. In addition, videos in FLV format can optionally be converted by the platform into an AVI (XVID) or MP4 file.

The simple tool comes in the here offered Portable Edition without installation, but otherwise works like most competitors: After entering the desired YouTube Internet address in the space provided can still specify the file location and then the video is after the download Process available as a file on the disk. First of all, the desired quality can be defined: Low Quality 240p as FLV or as MP4 in Normal Quality (360p), High Quality (480p), HD (720p) and Full HD (1080p).

If the video is only offered in the former version, it can optionally also be converted to AVI (XVID) or MP4 format. Ideally, the best possible quality should always be selected, as the program recognizes if the video is only available in a lower resolution and accordingly offers the next lower level.


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