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Harry got a job: What Harry will do?

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Prince Harry, who was left without royal family money after moving to the United States, has secured a job with San Francisco-based mental-health startup

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been on the front pages after their high-profile interview accusing the royal family of racism. Meghan is already being predicted as the next US president. Harry, 36, just found his first full-time job so far.

Mental health

Harry has been named as its new chief impact officer at BetterUp, California-based online professional development coaching, and mental-health counseling company.

His responsibilities will include making strategic decisions on the services offered, planning charitable activities, and public speaking on mental health issues.

BetterUp, founded in 2013, provides professional psychological counseling and coaching. The company includes a network of more than 2 thousand coaches. The platform is used by many large companies, including Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., Chevron Corp., Salesforce.com and others.

At BetterUp, Prince Harry is portrayed as a war veteran, active mental health promoter and environmentalist.

“I want to help influence people’s lives,” Prince Harry told the Wall Street Journal. “Proactive coaching provides endless opportunities for personal development and outlook, as well as for a better quality of life in general.”

The position of Chief Impact Officer is quite rare in companies, more often it can be found in the non-profit sphere – in organizations such as Amnesty International USA.

Harry will not have subordinates to employees, but he will have to appear at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco and take part in general meetings.

Own experience

Prince Harry has repeatedly confessed to his own psychological problems, which he constantly had to overcome since childhood, in particular, how difficult it was for him to come to terms with the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

He also talked about how he himself had to resort to the help of psychologists after almost 20 years he tried not to think about the death of his mother and “turned off all his emotions.”

Previous work

Harry served in the army for about 10 years. He joined the British Armed Forces in 2005 after graduating from the prestigious Sandhurst Military Academy. Early in his career, he asked to be sent to Iraq, where the British military was involved in clashes with insurgents. At first, this trip was allowed, but then the decision was revised due to fears that the militants might start hunting for the prince in order to kill or kidnap him.

In 2007, Harry was sent to Afghanistan, where for two and a half months he served as a dispatcher for helicopters that took part in the battles with the Taliban. The prince’s business trip was kept secret, and he was urgently evacuated from Afghanistan when the foreign press reported that he was there. 

In late 2012 – early 2013, Prince Harry spent five months in Afghanistan as a pilot of an Apache military helicopter, he flew combat missions, his service there was not kept secret.

He left the service at the age of 30 with the rank of captain.

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