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Tesla sues Rivian for allegedly misleading employees to obtain confidential information

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Auto company Tesla has sued fellow electric vehicle maker Rivian for unfair competition, as the firm chaired by Elon Musk claims Rivian would have misled Tesla employees to obtain confidential company information.

In a lawsuit against filed in a state court in San Jose, California, Tesla accuses Rivian for developing an “alarming scheme” to lure his employees to obtain confidential information.

“Embezzlement of Tesla’s competitive and useful confidential information when leaving Tesla for a new company is obviously wrong and risky,” the complaint said.

For his part, Rivian has assured that the demand is “without foundation” and that these behaviours go against the “culture, spirit and corporate policies” of the company.

According to DPA, the complaint also mentions four former Tesla employees, who allegedly had brought confidential company information when they joined Rivian.

“Upon arriving at Rivian we require all employees to confirm that they have not and will not introduce the intellectual property of former companies in which they have worked,” they claimed from Rivian.

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