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Named food that reduces the risk of disease other than Apple

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Some fruits, like Apple, can help you avoid not only the doctor but also certain diseases.

Do you know that some fruits other than apples can also help you prevent not just the doctor, but some diseases in general? 

One of those is blueberries. Blueberries are not only delicious in pancakes and oats, but they also aid to reduce the risk of disease.

Researchers at the University of Surrey found that eating blueberries can help lower the risk of heart diseases, a leading cause of death in the US.

So, while some foodstuffs may pretend to be heart-healthy, blueberries are actually beneficial to your heart’s long-term health.

According to the study, blueberries have a significant impact on lowering the risk of heart diseases due to their high anthocyanin content. Anthocyanins are dietary pigments that help blue, red, or purple fruits and vegetables take on their color, so they actually put the blue in blueberries.

Along with blueberries, most other berries include anthocyanins and hence contribute to the reduction of cardiovascular disease risk. Red cabbage and eggplant are two other foods high in anthocyanins.

Another study published in The Journal of Gerontology: Series A supports this theory, claiming that eating blueberries lowers blood pressure and improves blood vessel function.

According to the study, after drinking a wild blueberry drink, individuals reported “significant improvements” in flow-mediated dilation, or the widening of an artery when blood is moving through it, indicating that blueberries make blood travel to and from the heart easier.

“Blueberries have been found in numerous studies to be an excellent source of antioxidants,” adds Ronald Smith, RD. “These antioxidants have been linked to reduced inflammation in blood vessels as well as anti-cancer properties.”

Blueberries have also been demonstrated to improve adult memory, which can be a side effect of some disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease, according to Smith. While blueberries have not been proven to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, they can help you stay sharper and have a better memory.

Furthermore, University of Georgia researchers discovered that the blue-causing polyphenols in blueberries can lower the risk of colon cancer in persons who consume them on a regular basis.

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