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Neck aches and pains? Eye Ouch? Stay fit while gaming – that’s how it works

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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar is editor-in-chief and founder of Revyuh Media. He has been ensuring journalistic quality and shaping the future of Revyuh.com - in terms of content, text, personnel and strategy. He also develops herself further, likes to learn new things and, as a trained mediator, considers communication and freedom to be essential in editorial cooperation. After studying and training at the Indian Institute of Journalism & Mass Communication He accompanied an ambitious Internet portal into the Afterlife and was editor of the Scroll Lib Foundation. After that He did public relations for the MNC's in India. Email: amit.kumar (at) revyuh (dot) com ICE : 00 91 (0) 99580 61723

Staying fit does not mean running a marathon right away. Staying fits does not always mean running to the gym every day; preferably after work, when the desire has arrived in the basement. Sure, that helps – but you can also easily stay fit enough to not hurt your neck or back after a gaming session. As? Come here and I’ll tell you.

So what do you do? Is not there some middle ground? Do I have to spend half of my free time in sports, so that I do not fall into a seated coma at 60, from which I can not wake up? Every movement is better than no movement and a healthy body can also gamble longer. That’s the truth.

Ah ! That sounds good. Anyway – maybe I could escape the mummy existence with a few simple exercises? What needs to be done so that I can play with a clear conscience?

So here are some tips – and exercises that can help with this and the ailment.

Eyes pressed, are tired and tired

Without eyes, you definitely can not play. So that they do not fall out of your face in revenge, you can use the following exercise, especially in tired, oppressive eyes: cover the eyes with both hands for a few seconds, so that the eyes can relax through the darkness and warmth.

Eyes too dry – take out and rinse?

The taking out and rinsing off is not a good idea. But how do dry eyes become un-dry again? Quite simple:  blink for a few seconds so that tears can moisten the eyes again. If it does not help, then look strictly upwards and blink. Also, you can occasionally turn your eyes away from the screen and gaze into the distance – that works wonders!

Eyes hurt anyway? And somehow you see after a while on PC or console everything is blurry? Rocha do Monte Bayer of the AOK Northeast recommends a certain distance to the display, depending on its size:

  • 13 inches – at least 50 cm distance
  • 15 inches – at least 60 cm distance
  • 17 inches – at least 70 cm distance
  • 19 inches – at least 80 cm distance

The neck! The shoulder! AHHHH!

The famous office illness: neck is stupid, shoulder is stupid and short, firm massaging does not help either. What helps against this are a few exercises that you can perform while sitting:  shoulder belt circles forward and backward, stretching the neck muscles by tilting the head first to the left and at the same time the right arm is extended laterally. Then do the exercise with the other side.

I have it in my back!

The back hurts, oh dear. Back pain is no joke, so you should not wait until they knock on your back door. Here it generally helps if you get up every 30 minutes – so no, mummy holding a gaming session is not healthy. You do not have to set an alarm – but maybe there are moments and hints in the game to stand up for a moment? For example, on the charging screen or in the online lobby.

If you still experience back pain, you can try this exercise:  regularly get up and vertebrae by vortex slowly forward tilt, then torso movements with the upper body to the right and left and then stretch out. 

And in general, the rule of thumb is: if you play for a long time you prefer an office chair instead of a sofa. In addition, dynamic sitting helps : Change your sitting position over and over, extend your legs and move your back.

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