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Expert says we’re not shampooing our hair correctly, neglecting an important step

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A hairdresser has turned to TikTok to offer tips on how to properly wash your hair, claiming that many people are doing it incorrectly and are losing out on an important second step of shampooing.

A hairdresser took to TikTok to inform us all that we’ve been washing our hair incorrectly and skipping a vital step – as two rounds of shampoo are required.

Amy, who goes by the online handle @amy.does.some.hair, posted a guide on how to maintain your hair looking fresh and clean, stating that there is a ‘correct’ way to do it.

She explained that the first step is to wet your hair thoroughly, then run shampoo through it, paying particular attention to your hairline and neck, before washing your hair.

Then, she stated that it is critical to shampoo your hair once again – this time concentrating on your scalp and allowing the remaining suds to gently travel through your hair.


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In the clip, Amy said: “Thoroughly wet your hair, spread the shampoo over your hands and evenly distribute the shampoo all over your scalp.

“Don’t miss your hairline or nape.”

She goes on to suggest that you should shampoo your scalp, rinse it out, and then apply conditioner – which should be applied to the ends of your hair, avoiding the roots, and left to soak – before styling your hair.

More than one million people have watched Amy’s video, and she has received a slew of positive comments from individuals who are enthusiastic about the technique.

One wrote: “It’s always a good tip to gently squeeze the excess water out your hair before applying conditioner so it’s not diluted completely by the wet hair.”

While another said: “I understand why but am no less horrified.”

And a third added: “What, shampoo twice?!”

“So I was curious and tried this,” a fourth user said. “Now my hair is super soft and feels cleaner. Like, excuse me, what?”

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You were reading: Expert says we’re not shampooing our hair correctly, neglecting an important step

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