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Wormhole Space Travel Possible, Study Says

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A new study claims that matter could pass intact through the event horizon of a wormhole

A new study claims that wormholes allow space travel. According to this research, wormholes are much more stable than previously thought and matter could pass a barrier that was previously thought to be insurmountable to reach another point in the universe instantly.

No one has ever observed a wormhole although in theory, it is possible that they appear anywhere and fit within Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. In fact, the scientific name for wormholes is the Einstein-Rosen bridge. The second is the last name of the Israeli-American physicist Nathan Rosen, who developed the concept with Einstein.

Theories about wormholes

If they exist, a wormhole would allow an extremely distant point in spacetime to be seen as if it were just around the corner. For this reason, and because they are blessed by the genius aura of Einstein’s theories, they have been the subject of the imagination of science fiction writers, who have used them in novels, series and films to allow intergalactic travel.

But there are other theories that claim that wormholes cannot exist even though they are mathematically possible within modern physics. Others claim that only the use of exotic matter could open these portals in space and that, even so, they would only be open for a very short period of time.

There are also theories that state that nothing could transcend the event horizon, the multi-dimensional bordering hypersurface between the observer and the other point of the universe, even if other points in space-time existed and we could witness them.

But the French scientist Pascal Koiran – professor of theoretical computer science at the École normale supérieure in Lyon, France – has another theory that solves the problems of the previous ones and that he has recently published under the title “Infall time in the Eddington-Finkelstein metric, with application to Einstein-Rosen bridges”.

Instant travel through space-time

Basically, the Koiran study affirms that, if the Eddington-Finkelstein metric is used instead of the Schwartzchild metric usually applied to the study of black holes, the particles of this universe could cross the event horizon to reach another point in spacetime in a finite amount of time.

And what is more important still: they would reach the other point intact. Theoretically, this opens the possibility of space travel between points in space-time to travel amazing distances in seconds, as if you were Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon.

Again, theoretically. Even if Korian’s maths are right, finding one of these holes, approaching in a starship, and mustering the guts to tell Scotty to rev up the engines to maximum power would be required to test his equations (and all counting on having a ship capable of withstanding the forces that govern within these possible cosmic phenomena).

Source: 10.1142/S0218271821501066

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