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Why is Google willing to pay 2,600 million dollars to buy Looker company?

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Kamal Saini
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Last November, Thomas Kurian became the new CEO of Google Cloud, replacing Diane Greene. A few hours ago we knew his first big move, after announcing the purchase of Looker Data Sciences, a data analysis software company.

According to the press release released by Alphabet (the parent company of Google), they hope to close this agreement by the end of the year, at which point Looker will become part of Google Cloud.

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Google says that this purchase will help them offer a “more complete analytical solution” to Google customers. That yes, for it they are going to have to disburse 2,600 million dollars.

This is the second largest acquisition in the history of the company, after the purchase of Nest in 2014 (paid $ 3.2 billion to be made with this company of hardware specializing in the connected home and the so-called Internet of Things).

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This purchase is in addition to the acquisition of Alooma last February, taking over a company specializing in data migration and whose main mission is to help other companies optimize the transfer of databases to the cloud.

Founded at the beginning of this decade, Looker is a platform that serves to help other companies to visualize and make sense of the data they have stored in the cloud, showing trends in a simple way.

They are currently based in Santa Cruz (California) and have about 800 employees. Looker has managed to raise 281 million dollars in risk capital and last year was valued at 1,600 million dollars in a round of financing.

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Looking to gain ground against its two main competitors: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

This integration can be very useful within Google Cloud. Kurian recalls that the platform of which he is CEO ” is being used by many of the world’s leading organizations for analysis and decision making.”

“The combination of Google Cloud and Looker will allow customers to leverage data in new ways to drive their digital transformation.” We remain committed to our multi-cloud strategy and will maintain and expand Looker’s capabilities to analyze data through the clouds. “

This analysis platform is currently used by some 1,700 companies , among which we find names as well known and relevant as Spotify, Deliveroo, Sony, IBM, Etsy, Hotel Tonight or Amazon itself.

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In an interview conducted with Reuters, Kurian said that “Looker is complementary and completes our analytical base” Do not forget that both companies have very similar cultures and share more than 350 customers (including Yahoo or BuzzFeed).

With this purchase, Google Cloud would seek to gain ground against its two main competitors Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. For his part, Frank Bien (CEO of Looker) states that “together we are reinventing what it means to solve business problems with data at a completely different scale and value point”.

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