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California couple dies within hours after contracting Covid leaving behind 4 kids

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Alvaro Fernandez, from California, wanted to do more study before getting the vaccine, but he and his wife perished as a result of contracting coronavirus, which they contracted while traveling in Mexico.

An unvaccinated California couple died on the same day after contracting Covid, leaving behind four heartbroken children.

Both Alvaro Fernandez and Sylvia Fernandez died within a few hours of one other on December 19.

Mr Fernandez, 44, was concerned about the vaccine and wanted to do further research before having the shot.

Mr Fernandez’s sister Alma Hernandez said that he and his wife, who was also unvaccinated, tested positive for Covid just days before they died of the virus’s consequences.

She added: “He (Alvaro) wanted to wait and do more research. He googled information. He didn’t want to believe everything that was on the news.

“This is kind of an eye-opener for everybody in my family that whoever is not vaccinated definitely should have their vaccinations.”

Mr Fernandez, who had underlying health problems including diabetes, had been in a relationship with Sylvia, 42, since she was 15.

The couple met in high school, were married for 25 years, and had four children, including twins who were 17 at the time of their marriage.

Alma mentioned that the high school sweethearts couldn’t imagine their lives without one another.

It comes after the father of a “fit and healthy” young mother who died unexpectedly while 29 weeks pregnant stated doctors told him she would still be alive if she “had taken the vaccine.”

57-year-old David Exley said his daughter Sadie, 24, had a “hunky-dory” pregnancy with no difficulties until she began experiencing migraines and chest pain all of a sudden.

In October of last year, however, she was diagnosed with a blood clot in her lung at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, where she had been admitted for treatment.

After contracting Covid in late November, her condition deteriorated, and she was transported to St James Hospital in Leeds a week later after becoming paralyzed on one side, according to ExaminerLive.

Having suffered a cerebral bleed on December 3, she was taken to Leeds General Infirmary and hurried to the intensive care unit, where she was confirmed brain dead.

It was fortunate that doctors were able to save Elliot, who was born via emergency C-section at 29 weeks of gestation and weighing only 2.1 pounds.

Heartbroken David, from Birstall, said: “I got the news over the phone, it was just sheer panic. I drove straight to the hospital.

“I don’t know how to describe how I felt. My head was a shed.

“I didn’t eat for days, I was just waiting to know if she was going to be better.

“They tried to save her but it was apparent that we had lost Sadie.

“They saved baby Elliot but they couldn’t save our Sadie.”

Image Credit: Gofundme page

You were reading: California couple dies within hours after contracting Covid leaving behind 4 kids

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