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Woman with double wombs gives birth to hospital’s ‘smallest and most immature’ baby

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24-years old Megan Phipps went into labor at 22 weeks, and only one of her two babies survived after being born weighing less than one pound in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America.

It’s very rare for a woman to have two uteruses. Megan Phipps, 24, was born with this condition, which means she has two wombs or a double uterus.

This resulted in the birth of two infants on different dates, but only one of them was fortunate enough to live.

The mum told Good Morning America: “I’ve always carried in my right uterus. They always thought my left side wasn’t active.”

Doctors, on the other hand, reportedly informed her that she was pregnant on both her left and right sides this time.

Megan went into labor when she was just 22 weeks pregnant and was admitted to the Bryan Health hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska.

She says she was informed her daughters had a one percent chance of surviving.

“Because of the special circumstances of mom’s pregnancy their chances of survival were less,” a doctor said.

Phipps gave birth to a baby girl who she named Riley on June 11, followed by another girl, Reece, on June 12.

Both babies were under one pound in weight.

Just 12 days after Riley died.

It was hard for her because she couldn’t have visitors to the hospital because of Covid rules. She said the nurses and doctors helped her through her grief.

“Basically the only family I had was the nurses, doctors and nurse practitioners that were there helping my baby,” she said.

Reece remained in the hospital for 144 days, gaining strength as her body weight increased.

She was the hospital’s youngest ever survivor and was released in early November at a healthy weight of over 8 pounds.

According to Megan, she hopes that her experience will inspire other mothers of premature newborns, letting them know that “miracles can happen.”

Image Credit: GMA

You were reading: Woman with double wombs gives birth to hospital’s ‘smallest and most immature’ baby

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