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Bodybuilder accused of killing dad-of-two in one punch: “Who else wants some?”

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Cocaine and steroid-addled bodybuilder has been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for killing a ‘warm-hearted and compassionate’ father-of-two with a single blow in an unprovoked nightclub attack.

Robert Owen Greenhalgh, 31, dubbed himself the “hardest c**t in the Northwest,” punched Robert Smethurst at the Luxe Lounge in Bolton with the force of a “heavyweight boxer.”

Mr. Smethurst had a catastrophic brain injury before he even struck the ground, and was pronounced dead one hour later on September 2 of last year.

Greenhalgh allegedly puffed up his chest after the horrific attack and asked, “Who else wants some?” at Manchester Crown Court.

Amanda, his victim’s grieving wife, called Greenhalgh a “coward” in court, saying, “I was robbed of my husband, my best friend, my happiness, and my future all in one.”

She said: “How could someone be so violent and hateful towards my husband who did absolutely nothing to deserve this attack?  

“The love for my husband is overwhelming proof of what an incredible man he is. I miss him more than words could ever describe.”

Greenhalgh was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Judge Anthony Cross QC told him: “Not for one moment did you consider that which you had done, other than to glory in your achievement and invite others to attack you.”

Mr Smethurst, a company director in the aviation industry, was out celebrating both his and his cousin Aaron Bates’ birthdays in Bolton town centre, according to the court.

Later in the evening, he accidentally stood on Greenhalgh’s foot. He apologized and there were no more problems.

The court heard some ‘innocent’ talk between the two groups about 10 minutes before the fatal attack, but no signs of problems.

Greenhalgh, who had consumed cocaine prior to entering the club and was seated in a booth, abruptly rose, clapped his hands, and punched both Mr Smethurst and his cousin.

Mr. Bates was able to break his fall, but he had a concussion as a result. He has no recollection of the attack. Mr. Smethurst, on the other hand, received instant head injuries and died an hour later.

Even Greenhalgh’s friend expressed shock at what occurred, describing it as completely unexpected.

The judge told him: “It is unsurprising not one single person including the door staff intervened, such was the terror you caused inside that club.”

Greenhalgh has no prior convictions, but a police questioning of his phone revealed a ‘predilection’ for violence.

He boasted of knocking out three people on one occasion as a former debt collector.

Prosecutor Rob Hall claimed he defined himself as “the hardest c*** in the Northwest” and talked of hitting someone while wearing a knuckleduster.

Police were unable to trace victims relating to the phone messages, but the judge said they were relevant in declaring him a ‘dangerous offender’. 

Greenhalgh also boasted about his cocaine use and talked about taking steroids to bulk up while visiting the gym on a regular basis.

He claimed in chats that he had taken £50,000 (about $64,000) of the class A narcotic in six months. His relationship had ended, and he was forced to live in hotels and with friends.

Family and friends tried to urge him to stop doing drugs, and his mother sent him a telegram in which she pleaded with him to stop.

She said: “Owen you should be ashamed of yourself. You are kidding yourself if you think this is going to end well. The only way this is going to end is death for you. 

“You are so far gone now that you don’t even know what is right and wrong anymore, and for your information only idiots do what you are doing, not nice people. You lie, you cheat, you control with brute force, but you will die if you don’t stop. I’m done with you I’m afraid. It’s ok but you need help.”

Judge Cross said of the message: “She was wrong about one thing only. It would not be your death but the death of a wholly innocent man.”

Mr. Smethurst received moving tributes in court, with his 13-year-old daughter describing him as “warm-hearted,” “caring,” and “fun.”

Fishing and spending time with his family were two of his favorite pastimes. She stated he and his wife dreamed of retiring early in France. His parents talked about how proud they were of their ‘wonderful’ son.

Greenhalgh, who has no fixed residence, is remorseful and ashamed of his actions, according to his lawyer, Michael Brady QC.

Greenhalgh’s comments concerning his drug usage and apparent aggression were termed by him as “unpleasant boasts.”

Image Credit: Metro

You were reading: Bodybuilder accused of killing dad-of-two in one punch: “Who else wants some?”

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