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Windows 10: updates, patches, builds and all the news

Windows 10 is the most used operating system in the world: patches, news, builds and all the useful tools to better enjoy their experience on the operating system developed by Microsoft.

Windows 10: Build, patches, updates and all the news

Windows 10 is the operating system that opened a new era in Microsoft’s history. Launched in the summer of 2015, the new OS happens to Windows 8.1, but presents itself to users with a completely new philosophy. Today, Windows 10 is a continuous development line that no longer requires the release of new versions following a massive update, but a constant stream of news and updates. The goal is to have a universal operating system with lots of Universal App, usable on any platform.

In this in-depth analysis, all the most important information is available to get the most out of your experience on Windows 10: the requirements for installation, the updating methods, the availability of patches and all the news that will be available day by day. Without ignoring what is the Surface line, hardware incarnation of what is the philosophy that Windows 10 brings to the software level.

Windows 10, the most popular operating system in the world

In the desktop environment, Windows has always been the most widespread operating system in the world, reaching almost 80% of the market share today. The second in the standings is OS X, stopped at just under 15%. Within the Windows world, version 10 is constantly growing and now occupies over 55% of installations. However, 33% of installations are occupied by Windows 7, a version whose support is expected to cease on January 14, 2020: in the next few months a further surge in installations for Windows 10 is expected, which will inherit most of the systems still remaining at old version of the Microsoft operating system.

In India 7 users out of 10 use Windows and of these 60% have a Windows 10 based device.

To install Windows 10 simply download the latest updated version directly from the official Microsoft website:

Download Windows 10

The download tool allows you to better manage even the update from a previous version of Windows, thus being able to switch to the latest release of the operating system with maximum simplicity.

The feature updates for Windows 10 are released twice a year, around March and September, via the destination six-monthly channel (SAC) and will be performed through monthly quality updates for 18 months from the date of release.

Windows 10 1809

The latest version of Windows 10 is 1809 (OS build 17763, ” Windows 10 October Update “) released in October 2018. Previous versions were 1803 (spring 2018) and 1709 (autumn 2017), in line with the policy of half-yearly updates linked to the introduction of new features in the operating system.

All releases are available in detail on the dedicated page, constantly updated by the Microsoft team.

Windows 10 19H1

Windows 10 May Update 2019 is the first six-monthly update scheduled for the current year; the second update will therefore probably arrive within the final months of the year.

Windows 10 differs from previous versions not only in terms of code and interface, but also in the ways in which the product can be purchased. The new Windows, in fact, does not have to be purchased, but is licensed. Two options are available to obtain this license:

  1. you buy a device with Windows 10 preloaded, thus being able to have full support and full access to the operating system and its services;
  2. you purchase the license to access the operating system, being able to download and install it freely on your device.

Windows Home and Windows 10 Pro

There are 2 versions of Windows 10 available:

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Pro

The purchase can be made by direct download from the Microsoft website. Prices clearly indicate the preferential way of purchasing in an OEM formula, pre-installed in the basket of devices developed by the group’s partner companies.

The Pro version differs from the Home version in a whole series of features specifically related to the business world (remote desktop, different Windows Update management, group policies and more). A special section is available to check the differences in detail.

To find out which version of Windows 10 you have in use, you can search for the specific indication by following the main menu:

Type 'System Information' in Search Bar and Enter

Alternatively, you can also type “Winver” in the search form and then click on “Winver – Execute command”.


The result obtained is the name of the edition (example: “Windows 10 Home”) flanked by the version number (example: “1809”). This last indication has a specific and very important meaning, since it distinguishes the last installed version of the operating system, where the first two digits indicate the year and the last two months. A further number available is that of the build, a progressive number (example: “14361”) which can be declined in a large number of minor builds (example: “14361.1002”).


Each user can choose which type of experience he intends to have on Windows 10 by also establishing at which stage of development he wants to get on board. Microsoft also offers the possibility of testing the new features of the operating system thanks to a series of preventive phases called “rings”, real development rings that have precise characteristics and that define the type of stability, security and degree of “maturation” of the code compared to the final release.

Specifically they are available:

  • Fast Ring (to stay in line with the release rate of major builds – faster access to news)
  • Slow Ring (to stay in line with the release rate of the minor builds – greater stability compared to the Fast Ring)
  • Release Preview Ring (for early access to the milestone release – ideal solution for developer needs)

Access to these preventive development phases allows Microsoft to collect a very high number of extremely useful feedback to direct and correct the development of subsequent versions of Windows 10.

The Windows Update tool is the main reference for Windows 10 securityupdates. Windows updates are made available by Microsoft every second Tuesday of the month (a fixed appointment that has earned the nickname “Patch Tuesday”), but the simplest method for non-professional users is the simple waiting for automatic download by the operating system. When the device restarts, Windows signals the opportunity of an “Update and restart”, which allows the immediate installation of patches downloaded in the meantime silently.

The continuous installation of the patches keeps the operating system up to date, avoiding problems with any vulnerabilities that may be affected by exploits already in circulation. Keeping the updated operating system is now part of the dogmas of online security, a basic element for anyone who intends to use a computer safely (connected or not to the network): Windows 10 offers a completely automatic tool that simply leaves the user of the click that authorizes the installation.

Through Windows Update you can also switch from one version of Windows 10 to the next, getting notification of the new release in the same way as with any patch: the process is completely automatic.

Microsoft Store is the main repository for applications that can be installed on Windows 10, both on desktop and on tablet. The store offers utility applications, games, movies and TV series, as well as privileged access to purchase compatible hardware (from Surface laptops to Xbox controllers, through speakers, headphones and more). An online store where you can enrich your experience with the Microsoft operating system, in short, and be able to enjoy the best of your time in the digital dimension.

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