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Daimler AG and Bosch brings Urban Automated Driving on the streets of San José

Daimler AG and Bosch have launched a fully-automated driverless taxi service in San Jose. Passengers can call an unmanned vehicle at one of the...

In Europe the crazy law of noisy electric cars will not allow Tesla to fart

Tesla is not done with the fun software updates, which bring little to the car but are a blessing to talk about the brand. After the...

UPS becomes the first FAA certified unmanned carrier to fly drones

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has completed certification of UPS Flight Forward, a US-based drone operator, a division of the UPS courier company, in...

In China it is now possible to access the subway through facial recognition

By now we know that the main Chinese cities are full of cameras, which (using facial recognition software) are able to identify anyone in a matter of...

Amazon GO Store: what it’s like to shop in the future supermarket

An Amazon GO store is a full-fledged supermarket, but it will be enough to take a tour inside to immediately understand why it is so special. One...

The “hit and run” fashion pollutes too much. The recycling startups will save it

Since April 13, London has been at the center of protests. At Oxford Circus, Extinction Rebellion is taking place, a peaceful protest to draw...
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NASA’s Hubble Captures Something Strange Never Seen Before In A Normal Star

Betelgeuse is a beautiful, ruby-red, glimmering star located on the upper right shoulder of the winter constellation Orion the Hunter.

An Unusual Sign That You May Have Liver Disease

WHILE LIVER CONDITIONS DO NOT Typically show many warning signals until your liver is "severely damaged," a health charity tells us about...

Study Warns We Must Be Ready For A New Disease Outbreak That Has Already Reached People

Humans are rarely infected with ribonucleic acid (RNA) viruses, however many animal diseases can be transmitted to humans. The SINV, which is...

Rare Find — A ‘Warm Neptune’ Seems Can Strip Neptune-sized Planets To Their Rocky Cores

A rare discovery — a 'warm Neptune' orbiting a brilliant blue star —can help explain why there aren't many "hot Neptunes."