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Tag: Amazon Alexa

Echo Buds, Amazon’s first wireless headphones arrive with Alexa

Well, it is official, after rumors and an avalanche of Amazon devices has confirmed the next release of the Echo Buds, which will be their first Alexa compatible Bluetooth wireless headphones. The...

Alexa Answers: a community based answer question platform

Alexa is artificial intelligence, it's a virtual assistant, it's community: the demonstration in the Alexa Answers initiative to officially debut overseas these days. It allows users to...

10 normal questions and 10 funny Alexa answers

How do you like Siri? And: Can you rap? For some questions, smart language assistants like Alexa provide sometimes funny and funny answers. Here, we present you with ten funny Alexa answers.

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Astronomers catalog a million unknown galaxies and you can now take a virtual trip through them

Astronomers have cataloged a million previously unexplored galaxies using a radio telescope. The high-resolution images obtained were put together in an impressive celestial world map...

The iOS, more vulnerable than ever: an iPhone could have been hacked over Wi-Fi

A cybersecurity expert finds an unprecedented vulnerability on iOS operating system devices. Until May 2020 the 'hackers' may have accessed iPhones, iPads and iWatch...

German workers’ union declares war on Tesla

In Germany, the largest metalworkers union, IG Metall, declared war on Tesla co-founder Elon Musk who is building his first European plant in the...