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Do you have difficulty sleeping? These natural medicines can help you

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Kamal Saini
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Sleep is essential to maintain good body health, but in today’s world a large part of the population has trouble sleeping. Some natural solutions can help you at bedtime without the need for medication.

The use of sleeping pills, although recommended by professionals, can have numerous adverse effects. These drugs can, among other things, cause dizziness, headaches, gastrointestinal problems, prolonged drowsiness, memory and performance problems. 

They can also cause sleepwalking.

There are, however, natural supplements that could help you sleep better without causing serious side effects. 

If you lie in bed for hours before you can finally close your eyes it might be a good idea to take a valerian root supplement, suggests the Eatthis portal.

“Valerian root is an herb native to Europe and Asia that has been used for centuries to promote better sleep,” explains American nutritionist Lisa Moskovitz.

The plant plays an important role during the early stages of sleep, the specialist explained, when it is time to relax and prepare for sleep. In other words, for people who have difficulty calming their minds at bedtime, this supplement may help that transition a little bit smoother.

“This supplement has 150 mg of Valerian root along with other natural sleep-promoters that might be your bedtime bestfriend,” says Moskovitz.

To stay asleep and not wake up constantly at dawn, the nutritionist recommends the use of bufera supplements. 

Also known as Indian ginseng or ashwagandha – its name in Sanskrit – this plant may be the key to staying asleep at night.

“Ashwagandha is a natural compound that not only helps get you into a sleepy state, but may help keep you there throughout the night,” Moskovitz says.

According to the specialist, “this powerful root extract can also help alleviate anxiety and improve how you cope with stress”, things that can also affect the quality of sleep.

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